I offer clinical counseling for individuals who desire conversational means of expression. However, I have intentionally pursued additional training in play therapy and sand play therapy to offer more variety in my approach. Consequently, my theoretical approach is eclectic — meaning I draw from many theories rather than one. My approach is to then tie in my extensive training from various counseling modalities, while also taking into account the influence of family, society, and environment, as well as, each person’s experience and background.


Over the years I have acquired more than 15 years of experience in counseling and human services serving children, adolescents, adults, and families from various cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. These experiences have included treatment of a wide range of life issues. In addition to my experiences in private practice, I have worked in several non-profit organizations providing services to underprivileged, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and developmentally challenged children and families. Work in these agencies also included providing clinical services to foster and adoptive children (and families) who have experienced tremendous amounts of loss and grief, as well as, working with individuals who have suffered childhood abuse and neglect. Additionally, I have extensive experience in a school system and worked in the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP). I also served as a Clinical Supervisor for Master’s level counseling interns from Syracuse University and was a presenter for Onondaga County Department of Social Services.


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor – State of New York Education Department, Office of the Professions.
  • Certified as a Play Therapist – National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, Bethesda Maryland.
  • Permanent Certification as a School Counselor – State of New York Education Department.
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Counseling – Syracuse University in New York.
  • Master of Counseling Degree in Counseling – Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology – State University of New York in Oswego, New York.